I became intrigued by social policy challenges as an undergraduate political science major. I now research how people and organizations influence (and are influenced by) institutions. I am currently working on projects examining organizations’ work that address issues of inequality and injustice.

For instance, my upcoming book (under contract with Cornell University/ILR Press) examines and explains how organizations can support and positively impact under-served populations. I highlight the work of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and its member organizations.

To date, I have authored or co-authored 30 peer-reviewed journal articles. These papers are published (or accepted) in the following journals: Journal of Management Inquiry, Sport Management Review, Journal of Sport Management, African Journal of Business and Economic Research, International Review for the Sociology of SportInternational Journal of Sport Management, Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics, and International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing, among others. In

I am currently working on papers addressing the following topics:

  1. Achieving racial diversity in the sport industry
  2. Institutional entrepreneurship