Abridged CV

Curriculum Vita (Abridged)

Kwame J. A. Agyemang, Ph.D.

Graduate Certificate in Change Leadership-2018
SC Johnson College of Business, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

Ph.D. Sport Management-2011
Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas
Advisor: Dr. John N. Singer

M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration-2008
The University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma

B.A. in Political Science-2007
The University of Oklahoma

Current Appointment
Associate Professor (with tenure), Louisiana State University, Fall 2018-Present
Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University, Fall 2012-Summer 2018

Past Appointments
Assistant Professor, Eastern Kentucky University, Fall 2011-Spring 2012

Industry Experience
Learning Assistant, Department of Athletics
Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas Goal.com Ghana Contributor

Career Development Assistant, Department of Athletics
The University of Oklahoma

Research Interests
Institutional Theory | Organizations | Race | Qualitative Inquiry

Selected Journal Articles

Agyemang, K.J.A., Berg, B.K., & Fuller, R.D. (In Press). Disrupting the disruptor: Perceptions as institutional maintenance work at the 1968 Olympic Games. Journal of Sport Management.

Seifried, C.S., Soebbing, B.P., & Agyemang, K.J.A. (In Press). The utilization of interorganizational relations in an uncertain industry: A case study of the Fiesta Bowl’s ascension. Sport History Review.

Foreman, J., Soebbing, B., Seifried, C., & Agyemang, K.J.A. (In Press). Examining relationships between managerial career advancement and centrality, race, and the Rooney Rule. International Journal of Sport Management.

Walker, K.B., Seifried, C., Soebbing, B., & Agyemang, K.J.A. (2018). A comparative framing analysis of major violations in the National Collegiate Athletic Association. International Journal of Sport Communication, 11(1), 95-122.

Fuller, R., & Agyemang, K.J.A. (2018). Activism and NCAA Division III black athletes: An exploratory study. International Journal of Sport Management, 19(2), 186-206.

Agyemang, K.J.A., & Kellison, T.B., & Martin, T.G. (2017). Impression management: A review of (non-sport) organizational literature and opportunities for sport industry research. International Journal of Sport Management, 18(2), 240-258.

Agyemang, K.J.A., & Williams, A.S. (2016). Managing celebrity via impression management on social network sites: An exploratory study of NBA celebrities. Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal, 6(4), 440-459.

Agyemang, K.J.A., Williams, A.S., & Kim, D.Y. (2015). “Scandalous!”: Reputation, impression management, and employee assistance programs (EAPs) in the NBA. Sport Management Review, 18, 609-617.

Agyemang, K.J.A., & Singer, J.N. (2014). Race in the present day: NBA employees sound off on race and racism. Journal of African American Studies, 18 (1), 11-32.

Agyemang, K.J.A. (2014). Toward a model of “athlete citizenship” in professional sport through authentic community stakeholder engagement. Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal, 4 (1), 26-37.

Agyemang, K.J.A., & Singer, J.N. (2013). An exploratory study of professional Black male athletes’ individual social responsibility (ISR). Spectrum: A Journal on Black Men, 2 (1), 73-98.

Agyemang, K.J.A., & Singer, J.N. (2012). Toward a framework for understanding Black male athlete social responsibility (BMASR) in big-time American sports. International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing, 10 (1/2), 46-60.

Agyemang, K.J.A. (2011). Different from the rest: An interview with Nic Harris of the Carolina Panthers. Journal of Management Inquiry, 20 (2), 135-139.

Agyemang, K.J.A., Singer, J.N., & DeLorme, J. (2010). An exploratory study of Black male college athletes’ perceptions on race and athlete activism. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 45 (4), 419-435.

Book Chapters

Agyemang, K.J.A. (2017). “Celebrification”: A case study of Lolo Jones. In S. Chadwick, D. Arthur, & J. Beech (Eds.), International cases in the business of sport (2nd edition). Taylor and Francis (Routledge).

Agyemang, K.J.A., DeLorme, J., & Singer, J.N. (2010). Race and ethnicity in American sport. In G. Cunningham & J. Singer (Eds.), Sociology of Sport and Physical Activity. College Station, TX: Center for Sport Management Research and Education.

Agyemang, K.J.A., & Clark, R.S. (2010). Sport and politics. In G. Cunningham & J. Singer (Eds.), Sociology of Sport and Physical Activity. College Station, TX: Center for Sport Management Research and Education.

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